• Xpert-Timer Mobile

    The perfect time tracking app from your Android devices. You can use it as a standalone app or synchronise it with Xpert-Timer Pro (additional charge) Purchase it in the Google Play Store.

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  • Xpert-Timer for Android

    Xpert-Timer time tracking is perfect for your Android device. Hit the start and stop button to easily track your time on pre defined tasks. Create reports to bill your client accordingly or export the data.

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  • Time tracking for your Windows and Android devices

    You can track time on your Windows Desktop PC, your Windows laptop or any Android device using Android 2.3 and higher.

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Xpert-Timer is the perfect time tracking software for project teams as well as single users. The software is networkable and allows users to track time on one and the same project.

Xpert-Timer Basic

This version is for single users only. Without the client and invoice management this version is much slimmer than Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise and perfect for time tracking only.

Xpert-Timer Mobile

This app for Android devices is available in the Google Play Store. The time tracker can synchronize with the Pro and Enterprise version of Xpert-Timer, but also runs as a standalone App.

What’s Xpert-Timer?

Xpert-Timer is the perfect time tracking software for single users or teams. It focuses on tracking time spent on certain projects, tasks, orders, or whatever you work on.

C. Brovot @ CBR Consulting

For years, we have been using Xpert-Timer mobile for project time tracking and invoicing of our consulting and interim management services. The tool is easy to use and offers a bunch of reports. The caller detection module is a great asset. Xpert-Design Software offers quick and excellent support.

C. Brovot @ CBR Consulting

Why Choose Us

Xpert-Design Software offers great support for all Xpert-Timer versions.  Unlike many companies, you are able to talk directly with software developers so you know you are getting the help you need. As we are located in Germany, please allow a couple of hours for our email response.
Do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas. We have always worked closely with our customers to create innovative, comprehensive yet easy to use products. By working closely with and listening to our customers we are able to understand their needs and requirements, aiding us to create the best time tracking software. Maybe your idea will make it into the next version, too!
Everyone working at Xpert-Design software is passionate about what they do. We continually enjoy researching new ideas and technologies. By choosing Xpert-Timer,  you are selecting a product with a proven track record of innovation.
Xpert-Timer is used on thousands of computers and smartphones worldwide. With years of software programming experience, you can be sure you are using poven technology.